About the project

Bursztynowy szlak is an ideal combination of modern spirit and the atmosphere of old historical Krakow.
Its location within the area recognized as a monument of history – “Krakow – the historical city complex” – close to the trade route of olden times, popularly known as the hungarian-prussian road and colloquially referred to as the amber trail, results in the fact that each day, office staffers, while walking or cycling in the neighborhood, will be able to experience the charm of old Krakow.

The future tenants will have at their disposal 345 m2 of commercial-service and recreational area situated on the ground floor and in the basement, 3175 m2 of office “open space”ˮ” occupying four levels and 1,220 m2 of smaller office areas or company appartments located on the p5 and p6 levels; they may be adapted to meet the needs and character of activities of individual tenants.krakow.

Building characteristic:

  • 7 overground levels
  • 1 underground level
  • 35 parking spaces
  • leasable space - 4,615m2
  • floor areas of particular levels:
    P01 - 855m2;
    P0 - 685m2;
    P1 - 814m2;
    P2 - 817m2;
    P3 - 817m2;
    P4 - 817m2;
    P5 - 770m2;
    P6 - 634m2
  • udział powierzchni wspólnych 4,3%